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Simple Football Betting Theories for a Win 

We’ve heard a lot of hypotheses over the years that we’ve been betting on soccer. Some of these are controversial, to say the least, and some are absolutely absurd. However, some theories are sensible and well-thought-out, and learning about them can be useful. They can help you understand why things happen or don’t happen. Some ideas can also specifically help you make successful betting decisions. However to practically apply all such theories visit and try all betting games.

Good teams win, bad teams cover

The concept behind this hypothesis is that “bad” NFL teams are always not as bad as they are considered to be. Although good teams are supposed to win their games straight away, so-called poor teams are more than capable of covering the spread. This theory is true, but it doesn’t really tell us much about it. It should be a little clear that teams are capable of covering the spread. The point spread is simply to make the two teams in the game even-money proposals for wagering purposes. 

Fading the public theory

It said that most bettors are losing, to some degree this theory is based on that reality. The theory is that if most people lose, most people will bet on the wrong result. So betting the opposite of these people is likely to be a winning strategy. It is known as “fading the public” against the majority and used to be a fairly successful tactic. There’s a sound logic to play here after all. There’s a sound logic to play here after all. If you do the opposite of what the losers are doing, are you sure you’re going to make any money?

Unfortunately, no. No more. Fading the public did work, but this was back when bookmakers set their odds and lines almost exclusively on how leisure bettors were likely to bet. 

Steam Bet Theory 

Essentially, this is the opposite of the fading public theory. It’s related to the fact that odds and lines often change rapidly and significantly due to serious bettors putting their bets on. These major changes are known as “steam moves.” The idea is that you should observe these moves and position your bets accordingly. It is based on what is basically a very basic concept. It makes a lot of sense to do what the smart bettors do. If smart bettors win, and steam moves tell us what these smart bettors are betting on then surely we can copy them and win money as well. Right? Not quite so. Once 

Theory of Sandwich Game

Sandwich game theory is also based on sound thought. It’s something worth taking into account in some situations. However, its importance is always overrated in our view. You may already be familiar with the word “sandwich games.” They arise when a team’s schedule gives them a difficult game, then an easier one, and then another tough one. The easier game in the middle is known as a game of sandwiches.