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RTP and RNG slots Explained

In 1996, gambling embraced digital technology and this ensured the future of the industry.  This was done by creating the first ever, online casino that was made accessible to millions of potential customers who had access to the internet. This gambling platform experiment offered traditional casino table games only. At the same time, other fields of the gambling industry were busy developing new slots. 1996 also eventually saw the release of the first video slot. This hit online casinos and offered punters alternative entertainment to the most common casino table games. The success of the first video slot led to a rush to meet the demand that both punters and virtual venues put on the slots industry. More slots were created and as technology improved further still, these games became more extravagant and exciting.  Eventually, slots took over as the number one draw at online casinos and the sheer number of games available dwarfed all other forms of entertainment on offer. With all these slot games at available to the masses, new terms were invented such as high volatility and low volatility slots.

Terms Explained

The most common of slot terms nowadays are RTP and RNG. It is important to take note of these before you play slots, as it can help you understand what is involved when it comes to spinning the reels. It can even be the difference between winning and losing, whilst gaming. Low volatility slots are those that pay out small but steady winning spins on a regular basis. These would probably be your best first port of call if you are new to slots and have a small gambling budget to play with. Low volatility slots also have what’s known as a high RTP. This is also known as the Return To Player percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to get winning spins and a reasonable percentage of your stake returned. You are by no means guaranteed to win, but you have better odds of getting some of your staking cash returned than you do with games with low RTPs. The RTPs of every slot should be displayed at online casinos and it is well worth trying a few of the games with the highest percentages out. If you do an internet search for games with the highest RTPs, then it is highly likely that 1429 Uncharted Seas will be one of the top hits. This is because this game by Thunderkick boasts an RTP of 98.6%

RNG Explained

Since slots went digital, every spin is randomly generated by an RNG. This is better known as the Random Number Generator that is basically a microchip that generates numbers all the time. It’s these number sequences that generate the spins and your luck is at the mercy of this generator, creating winning or losing spin number sequences.

Final Thoughts

Like with all forms of gambling, slots have their own terms that have developed over time and some are more important to grasp than others. Knowing about the RTP and RNG are a good place to begin.