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Poker Tournament C-Betting Strategy: A Complete Guide!

Poker is a game that depends on placed bets and calls which is instrumental in moving the game forward. The continuation bet or the C-bet is a strategy which is frequently used by players and has been known to be exploited to extreme lengths. So, the next time you sit at a game of Agen Judi Online poker, you would know when the strategy is put into play.

But what exactly is a C-bet?

It is a bit from a player on the flop who raised a pre-flop before the former is known as a c-bet. C-bet is usually raised by a player when there are fewer opponents at the table. If your hand hasn’t been helping in improving the flop, then the use of continuous bet is considered a great plan. The purpose of having something like a c-bet at hand is useful when it comes to attacking the opponents by an improved flop which is considered more aggressive.

Using a reverse bluff and making the strategy more competent is one of the best ways to improve your gameplay. Building the pot and then acing the game on the back of that is one of the best things that you can do in general. The fewer the opponents, the better are the chances.

A c-bet is more effective or let’s say 100% effective when there are players locking horns one on one. It comes down to 50% when there are players who are no more than 2 in number. It reduced further to 25% when there are three players at the table.

The degree of being unpredictable depends on the continuation betting against your opponents at the table. In case there are more players, you would want to reconsider the plan and probably want to hit the flop, send a few chips to the center of the table before you progress, and you might win the same bet.

Most of the strong players do not believe in the concept of c-betting. You could be playing blind or just be having a weaker hand. Still, it does not deter anyone from making the bets either. C-betters usually do not stand a chance against the raises made; hence, it makes it an easy to win game play strategy. Online gambling portals, however, have a different kind of algorithm which usually dismiss c-better almost immediately. The point is to exploit the exploiter without them finding out.

Beginners should be very careful while dealing with such games. This is all about patience and tricks. You should be well aware of the tournaments and poker games. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Poker games.