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Maximising Your Winnings on Slots With One Simple Strategy

Thanks to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, millions of people around the world play slot machine app win real money at Umbingo every day. Of course, slots are random games of chance, so you can never really be sure when your next payout will arrive. Nevertheless, when your good luck does arrive, you can maximise your winnings with one simple strategy: make the maximum bet every time you play.

But, going all in in other games like poker is very risky, so why should we do so with slots?

To Access the Bonus Features

Even though you can access the bonus features no matter how much you stake on some slots, on many others you have to bet the maximum to do so. And these days some of the best features reside in the bonus rounds. For instance, you can be granted a certain number of free spins and thus get extra chances to land a winning combination. The pick-me style feature, where you’re asked to choose between a selection of symbols (some of these contain cash prizes), also often appears in the bonus games. Another popular bonus feature is spinning the wheel. With this, you have to spin a wheel and the prizes on offer include cash, free spins and multipliers that multiply your prize money. And if all that wasn’t enough, progressive jackpots also show up in the bonus rounds. But what exactly are progressive jackpots? Well, they’re jackpots that rise every time a player plays that particular slot and, as a result, are often life-changing (we’re talking millions here).

There’s Nothing To Fear (if You’ve Done Your Homework Properly)

If you research a slot’s odds (return to player [RTP] ), volatility, paytables, maximum and minimum betting stakes, and formulate financial plans before you play, then you really have nothing to fear from maximum betting. You see, doing your homework will inform you how many spins you can make with your budget, and once you know this, you won’t be set for any nasty surprises. Consequently, what’s stopping you?

Bigger Wins

Of course, as we all know, money talks and, without doubt, the most important reason for making maximum bets is for increasing your bank balance. Plus, simple logic suggests that the more paylines your employ and the more cash you bet, the more money you’ll win. For example, if a winning combination in a slot pays out 5,000 times your betting stake and you bet 25p on a spin and land the sequence, you’ll be awarded £125. However, let’s say the maximum bet on this game is £5, and you land the winning combination after wagering this amount, you’ll take home £25,000. Which would you prefer (you don’t really need to answer this question)?  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a foolproof  way to maximise your winning in slots is staking the maximum bet every spin. So how about implementing this great strategy the next time you play slots?