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A Quick And Comprehensive Guide To Live Baccarat Rules And Games

Live Baccarat is an excellent option for players who want to enjoy the world-class casino experience with the realistic feel. User experience is customized with multi-camera format that provides live streaming of HD-quality videos to have different looks for a game being played. To add the look and feel of a real casino, Live Baccarat has provided extra features and functions of cutaways, close-up of the cards, and etc.

Live Baccarat Rules

The game of Live Baccarat is played with 8 standard 52-card decks, where each card has different values as mentioned below –

  • Ace, the lowest cards which is counted as 1
  • 10s and face cards such as jacks, queens, and kings, each worth 0.
  • 2-9 cards with the numerical face value of individual card.

Among all these types of cards, just the numeric value of each card is pertinent in the main game of Baccarat. A game starts with betting on if a player or a banker will win the specific round by getting hand with value equal or close to 9. You can place a bet on a player, banker, or for having a tie (a situation when a banker and a player have a hand with equal value).

A dealer or a croupier deals 2 cards – one for a player and another for a banker. 2 hands are dealt, each to a banker and a gamer. The value of each hand is determined by putting 10s digit in a hand that otherwise value equal or more than 11. For example, a face card and 9 will worth 9.

If both banker and player receive the same value, result will be declared as tie. And, if they receive starting 2-card hands with the value between 0 and 7, the outcome is decided by Third Card Rule.

Live Baccarat Games

The excitement and suspense of playing Baccarat games reach to the high level with improved standard and VIP Live Baccarat options. A massive range of new features have been added in the category of game variants similar to live baccarat such as extra side bets, bean-shaped tables, and lots more.

  • Live Baccarat

This is the most popular casino table game of Asia that offers players the chance to see move of their competitors. Exceptional features include different types of roads to know extra statistics and pairs side bets.

  • Live Baccarat Squeeze

Multi-camera Live Baccarat with over 15 cameras, Live Baccarat Squeeze continues the thrill while providing immense authenticity and lots of surprises.

  • Live Speed Baccarat

This is a super-fast alternative to traditional Baccarat as it allows each round to get completed in surprising 27 seconds.

  • Pairs Side Bets

With amazing payout of 11-1, this type of live variants allows a gamer to place a bet on a pair of the first 2 cards i.e. either a player or a banker.

The innovative Live Baccarat room has been impressively renovated to provide players the whole new table games action possible online. So, don’t miss the chance and sign-up at your favorite online casino right away to enter into the world of entertainment.